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About Exemplar & the Services We Offer
Exemplar Human Services LLC contracts with county, state, and private sectors human/social services agencies throughout the United States, providing our clients with performance management analytic and consulting services that help programs improve their welfare-to-work outcomes. Our analytic tools and consulting services offer tested methods for improving outcomes in the area of client engagement and work activity participation, particularly in required welfare-to-work (WtW) program activities. Exemplar works with executives and senior managers of agencies to design and implement performance management programs that will assist the agencies in achieving strategic goals. Services we offer include the following:

Exemplar’s Engagement Matrix™ Analytic Service
Exemplar offers our Engagement Matrix™ analytic service to public assistance/WtW agencies that enables agencies to access and utilize key performance management outcome data related to their operations at all levels of the organization – from the agency director to the front-line worker. Exemplar’s Engagement Matrix™ is a web-based subscription service enabling an agency director, division manager or any other designated staff member to access engagement status and longitudinal reports relating to detail participant activity engagement. This data can be viewed by office, region, service delivery area or city/county-wide. The Engagement Matrix™ is comprised of a powerful suite of analytic tools that can help agency managers to:
> target key challenge and opportunity areas for enhancing overall performance
> monitor the progress in achieving the goals established by the agency
> provide valuable client and program data to assist the agency to maximize performance.

Additionally, Exemplar’s Engagement Matrix™ is an essential tool that empowers front-line supervisors and workers to use data that will enhance decision-making and service delivery to clients using:

> Engagement Status and Participation Performance reports by worker, unit, region, or agency-wide
> Longitudinal analyses that show how specific engagement categories (e.g. Unengaged cases or cases in Job Search) progress over time, by worker, unit, region, or agency-wide;
> Caselists of clients in specific engagement statuses, or who have been in specific statuses for certain periods of time.

Any user of Exemplar’s web-based tools can access detailed case lists and client activity through the website's drill-down capability. The Engagement Matrix™ simply requires a web browser and an Internet connection; it does not require any additional software or hardware installations by the agency.

Performance Management Design & Facilitation
Performance data is valuable only when it is monitored and used by program managers regularly and in ways that maximize learning about performance and address that performance throughout program operations. Exemplar brings unique expertise both designing effective processes for managing performance through data monitoring, and at supporting program managers efforts to use such processes to achieve program goals. Exemplar offers consulting services that can help human services agencies to craft useful indicators and better use available performance data to improve the quality and effectiveness of program activities.

Exemplar Academies
Our Exemplar’s team consists of welfare, social services, and IT professionals who bring to projects extensive and direct experience in performance management of government and social service programs across the country. The Exemplar team understands that to achieve desired goals and provide quality services to participants in need, the most important work to be supported occurs at the core of it’s operations – where front-line workers, managers, and service providers interact with individual and family clients in need. Exemplar’s analytic tools and performance management designs offer powerful ways to support effective management of human services programs. Training staff throughout an agency on the purposes and use of these tools and practices can be achieved through Exemplar Academies.

Exemplar designs, develops, and facilitates customized Academies for interested clients. These Academies are series of intensive one or multi-day sessions in which managers and front-line supervisors learn how to integrate use of available performance analytics and key performance management practices into their program operations. Our Academies stress practical, example based-training and a hands-on approach to using performance management tools and strategy building. Topics include:

> How to use Exemplar’s performance management tools to maximize performance
> The use of the engagement status and performance reports to monitor client engagement and assignment to activities
> How to utilize Exemplar’s detailed work lists, longitudinal analytics and client case lists to better manage their operations, tighten transitions, enhance service delivery, and achieve not only required outcomes but the important goals established by the agency.

The Academy format uses both an interactive structured curriculum as well as any customized components requested by our clients. Additionally, our Academies build upon the varied and considerable experience of Academy participants to brainstorm creatively and discuss openly various topics related to integrating improved practices into day-to-day management, such as organizational obstacles, previous experience with performance initiatives, and inter-departmental best practices.